Not a single year passes in Korea without confusion of one kind or another exam for college entrance. Even by this Korean standard, however, this year's College Scholastic Aptitude Test seems to be more messed up than usual. Even though there was rumor that there would be cheating, the government didn't take any practical measures to stop it. In addition, after cheating, in fact, did take place, the government haven't said what it would do next year to prevent this kind of cheating.
To make matters worse, major differences in the degree of difficulty among some electives have resulted in controversy over fairness levels. In one extreme example, differences of up to 37 points in standard scores existed between two students with full marks in to different electives. So much has come to depend on which electives to choose rather than the effort in study or the level of performance. Little wonder many are now asking whether this is a state exam or a lottery.
The government should no longer treat the nation's youth as guinea pigs in educational experiments. It's imperative to improve the College Scholastic Aptitude Test system, which will remain the mainstay of the college admission system for the time being. A state test more than once a year and use of a "question bank" with accumulated experience could be included among some options for improvement.

2005년 3월 중앙모의고사 외국어영역 지문이었다고 함.

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